Interview with Bikkel by a student of Willem de Kooning Academy, 28-07-2017

Contemporary artist - glass and painting. Born in Willemstad, Curaçao. Graduated at Willem de Kooning Academy (2002), with judicium exceptional

Why have I chosen this artist?

I’ve chosen to interview this artist, because of her background and interest in her work. Similar to me, she’s born in Curacao, moved to The Netherlands, studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy and focused on contemporary works of art.


What do you (want to) represent as an artist?


Introduce yourself. Goodmorning 😊 I am an abstract figurative painter and glass artist.

How did the transition go from Curacao to The Netherlands, Willem de Kooning Academy? After coming in The Netherlands (I was 17 years old) I study another HBO education for 6 years. I married and got two children. I give non-profit drawing lessons to adults during several years. I received an introduction by a MAVO school director to work as a teacher drawing and painting without any diploma. With the salary I earn with this job I could start with an education at the University of Professional Education Rotterdam, The Netherlands/ Willem de Kooning Academy. Teacher training drawing ( 4 year) and after Teacher training handicraft (2 year)

Why have you chosen this field of work? I know this is my destination

How do you work? Like a beast 😊

What’s integral to the work of an artist? To my work the quality of the testimonial straight from the heart is particularly visible in my paintings. The represented scenes are always frontal – which means without complex spatial effects – and layered, as if three transparent paintings were combined together. I use primary colors and applies my paint in a refined combination of stencil and free hand.

How do you place yourself within society? What role? In 2004 I started as founder and curator the non profit gallery Kunst aan de Kade. Here I bring colleague artist together to make beautiful exhibitions. It gives me the opportonity to show every three month my newest artwork to the public. And I can mirror my work on that of others. Since 2010 I am Pro Deo World Art Games NL president. Here I invite other NL colleague artists to represent NL in the world.

What themes do you pursue? The most important theme for me is WATER. Because as tropical born child I realize that without water there is no live possible.  As a commited artist the theme of refugees lies close to my heart. Just as the airpolution caused by of the refinary at Curacao. And I love to give Curacao woman queendom in my paintings. 

What work do you most enjoying doing? Painting, spraypaint, design, working with other artists together

What art do you most identify with? Contemporary Commited art.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you? The people who take run from the war in their country and the refugees who are leaving their country with danger of property life.

What drives you in general? The fate of women, issues touching upon my land of birth, Curacao, and the ups and downs of the ones I love. In other words, things really close to me.

What do you like about your work? Playing with colors, forms, lines, textures, places, proportions, balance, light, movement,

How do you conduct research? I study the subject by reading on the internet or in books. Or by making conversations about this. I visit the place - or the culture - about which I am going to paint. I'm sketching and coloring it.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? The famous statement by Willem de Kooning: I have to change to stay the same

What’s your most valuable tool? Fence in my works with spraypaint over a fishing net to expresses my homesick feelings to my native land Curaçao. I use this layer as metaphor for divorced life in two worlds: Netherlands-Curaçao.

Future prospects? Working more with glass. Recycle old paintings into new images. To work even more with other professional working artists.