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  • 10th Anniversary Art Gallery Kunst aan de Kade celebrated with a SOLO of Bikkel

    30 augustus 2014

    From September 5 to November 7, 2014
    Open Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 20:00

    OPENING: Friday, September 5 at 16:00.
    Gallery Kunst aan de Kade, c / o Grand Café Verderop, Westvest 9, Delft

    After graduating from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2004 Bikkel got an empty boat at the Wijnhaven of Rotterdam offered from 1000 m2. Bikkel makes many and substantial works, both 2d and 3d. But 1000 m2 is too much to put filled by herself. That's why she invited artist friends to join to make good exhibitions together at this boat, from 2004 till 2007. During this period ten yellow flags on this boat waved with the logo of Galerie Kunst aan de Kade.  The name Kunst aan de Kade means Art at Wharf.

    In 2007 the boat was renovated into a hotel and Gallery Kunst aan de Kade moved toward the brand built Coopvaert skyscraper on Blaak opposite the Maritime Museum. The name (Art) Gallery Kunst aan de Kade is maintained. But the Gallery is now embedded in warm restaurant Coopvaert. Here Bikkel organizes quarterly national - and international, and Biennale exhibitions. The restaurant has a number of different owners. At the turn of the current owner, with the restaurant name changed in Fjord, Bikkel receive an invitation from the owner of Grand Café Verderop in Delft to start a gallery Rotterdam's concept here.

    Gallery Kunst aan de Kade now has two addresses: one in Rotterdam, Blaak 776. And one in...

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  • WAG NL 2014 Group

    16 augustus 2014

    As WAG NL Promotor, Bikkel have formed the WAG NL 2014 Group. This is a group of NL/Caribbean artists from different disciplines. As group they are, or they will been, invited at different places in the world by WAG-connections, to do their performances, workshops, wall paintings, paintings, etc. Please don't hesitate to ask for our programm or to ask for more information. Contact Bikkel at or tel 0031651150346. Thank you.

    Some more information you can find at Page World Art Games.

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  • 3 paintings Bikkel come into 3 different Musea

    14 augustus 2014

    "Simon Perez at Anne Frank Huis" came into the artcollection of Anne Frank Museum.

    "Fight for Independece in Maassluis" came into the artcollection of Museum Maassluis.

    "Samuel D. at Estremoz" came into the artcollection of Museum Estremoz, Portugal


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    15 juli 2014

    Some photo's of the performance at Portugal, July 2014.

    This painting is made by 3 NL painters during the performance at Estremoz, Portugal.

    Bikkel painted 2 acrylic paintings at Estremoz, Portugal: two guys of her NL performance group, situated in Portugal.

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  • Swingende Opening Kunst aan de Kade 38

    22 juni 2014

    Duo Exhibition of Dulci and Bikkel artist at Gallery Kunst aan de Kade in Delft. Dulci, born in Suriname, now living in The Netherlands, have her first exhibition ever. Congratulations! Please come and gladdened yourself in this beautiful exhibition right from the heart. There will also be a story, note down by Dulci, about the drum. At the Opening of Kunst aan de Kade 38, with Dulci Motman and Bikkel artist, Spoorzone Festival, Bestemming 015, was playing 'From Swing to Salsa" at the VAK. The guests at the exhibition opening of Dulci and Bikkel were completely surprised by the big music and later at night, the salsa festival. It was hot, it was swing, it was party!


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  • Re-Opening Museum Maassluis

    25 mei 2014

    Opening by mr Koos Karssen, mayor of Maassluis, mr John Massaar, director fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen and by mr...., alderman of Maassluis.

    Bikkel exhibit with her oil painting "Maassluis Fight for Independence". She made special for this exhibition at this theme. This oil painting is come into the art collection of the Maassluis Museum in 2014.

    Bikkel exhibit with her glass object "Pishiporko transparante"

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  • Opening exhibition Kade 40

    25 mei 2014

    Group exhibition with all Vlaardingen artists. Bikkel exhibit with oil painting "Katwijk1". Like in the past artist Blommers paint the Katwijk woman of fisherman. But Bikkel paint them contemporary. One of these Bikkel paintings are in the collection of Museum Katwijk.

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  • Open Ateliers Vlaardingen 2014

    25 mei 2014

    After the opening at Kade40, from Saturday May 24 till Sunday May 25, you are invited to come and look at Bikkel Artist artwork at Gallery Cees Eykelenboom. Landstraat 53, Vlaardingen Centre. 13.00 till 17.00 p.m. come and have a wine and let's make fun. Harie Mommers, President of WAG NC Belgium ( will attending the Open Ateliers exhibition. looking forward to meet him. welcome!

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  • All around Orange

    7 mei 2014

    TOWN HALL  Apeldoorn, Marktplein 1

    May 6th till May 23th 2014

    Marveillous Exhibition at Town Hall APELDOORN. Art Promotion International (API) is invited by Foundation "Koninklijk Apeldoorn" and by the Government Apeldoorn in the scope of 200 Year Kingdom. Nine artists, selected by API, show artworks "Around Orange". Bikkel (artist born at Curaçao) donated one of her glass objects to remember 200 jaar koninkrijk Apeldoorn. Mayor John Berends received with thanks. Directer Kabinet van Curaçao, Den Haag, mr. Candelaria, attended the opening.

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  • Bikkel give cigar boxes political interested live

    23 april 2014

    I, Bikkel, am impressed by some reports in newspapers. With my drawings or paintings I can deal my emotions with the public.

    In my newest project I make prints of my calligraphy’s and put them in my empty cigar boxes. (Now you know I am a super cigar smoker)
    Normally I throw away my finished newspaper or empty cigar boxes.
    But now I have combined to show you what this news does to me.
    At the attached photo-presentation the open cigar boxes just looked like special newspapers again.

    News that touch me, I give it a new face in a personely aromatic surrounding. To store it and to speak about with others.

    Bikkel - Madiba stays our hero - cigarbox & prints - 10x19x8,5cm - 2014 

    Bikkel - Poetin sow disorder - cigarbox & prints - 10x19x8,5cm - 2014  

    Bikkel - Queen Maxima - cigarbox & prints - 10x19x8,5cm - 2014  

    Bikkel - Schottegat - cigarbox & prints - 10x19x8,5cm – 2014

    Bikkel - Ultra orthodox Jews against military service - cigarbox & prints - 10x19x8,5cm - 2014  

    Bikkel - Dancing the emotion of Fado - cigarbox and prints - 10x19x8,5cm - 2014

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