Bikkel Artist (Netherlands, born on Curaçao, 1948)


2021. Stimulate PRIZE ‘Waterweg Cultuur Prijs 2021’ with Project ‘Schilderen aan het Scheur’

Willem de Kooning Academy/ University of Professional Education Rotterdam, The Netherlands . Year of graduate: 2002 with exceptional exam


Each glass design and painting has a signed certificate of authenticity. The process of working is spontaneous. Bikkel works with vibrant colors and strong shapes. Emotions play an important role in this. Everything reflects the warmth of her native Curaçao.


Bikkel glass designs and paintings are in well-known museums and private collections. Such as the Voorlinden Museum and The Curaçaosch Museum.


  • Bikkel Museum - Founder and Curator, 2004-present
  • World Art Games (WAG) - WAG NL Honorary Member, 2011-present
  • OPERA “Mijn Kleurrijk Verleden” - PRODUCER and LIBRETTO by Bikkel Artist. 2012. Within Music of F. Poulenc under Poems of P. Elouard. World Première: November 16th 2012 at Stadsgehoorzaal Vlaardingen, The Netherlands.
  • WAG Children Project (WAG CP) - WAG CP NL Coördinator, 2015-present
  • Regio Art Rijnmond (RAR) – Member Artists' Association at Spijkenisse, 2019-present
  • Zervas Art Club, Rotterdam – Founder and President, 2021 – present


@Trademarks Register since 2004. Reg. nr. 0755087

KvK Rotterdam: reg nr  24238842


Bikkel Artwork selected by jury in International MUSEA and Foundation

2021. Stimulate PRIZE ‘Waterweg Cultuur Prijs 2021’ with Bikkel Project ‘Schilderen aan het Scheur’

2021. Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam. (painting ‘Reflections Depot BvB’, photo artwork selected for in posterframes throughout Rotterdam, 1-14th nov)

2021. Waterweg Cultuurprijs 2021, Maassluis, Schiedam, Rotterdam. Project Bikkel ‘Schilderen aan het Scheur’ selected for shortlist. Presentation Project Bikkel on Oct. 16th at Glasfabriek Schiedam.


Bikkel Artwork included in International MUSEA

2021. Chabot Museum, Rotterdam (glass “Blou”)

2021. Fantapia M, Chang Kil-Hwan Museum, Korea (painting “Giraffe”)

2020. Haegeumgang Theme Museum, South Korea. (painting “Flowers”)

2019. The Curacao Museum, Curacao. (5 glasses (serie “Hope”) and 4 paintings)

2016. European Art Museum Collection (painting abstract)

2015. Museum of the Americas, Texas, U.S.A. (painting “Geese at Broekpolder NL”)

2015. Museum Maassluis, NL (painting “Matrimonio Bolo di Manteka”)

2014. Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam, NL (painting “Simon Perez visit Joods Historisch Museum”)

2014. The Curaçao MUSEUM, Curaçao. (painting “Pishiporko i Tulip ku Bikkel”)

2013. Museum de Voorde, Zoetermeer, NL (painting “Slavery Curacao”)

2012 Town Hall, New London, USA (1 installation, chicken wire, bronze, paper “Fence with Bird”)

2012. Katwijks Museum, Katwijk. 2012 (painting “Curacao Mama and her Child (naar Blommers)”)

2011 Museum Voorlinden. Caldic Collection, Wassenaar, The Netherlands. 2011 (glass “Africa Woman White Head”)

2011 Cabinet of Minister of Curaçao, The Hague. 2011 (glass “Bull Blue Horn”)

2010 The Curaçao MUSEUM, Curaçao (painting “dolo na kas”, “Julia Hel”, “Julia Blou”)

2008 The Curaçao MUSEUM, Curaçao. 2008 (painting “Downwind of Schottegat Djamanta ku Barika Hel”)

2008 Museum Maassluis, Netherlands, 2008 (painting “mama den mesa di kushina”


Bikkel Artwork included in International Art Collections

2021. Collection Fondazione Campana dei Canduti (glass “Fishing Woman”)

2020. Collection of Palmieri Foundation, Lecce, Italy. (glass, Africa Woman Black Head)

2019. China Garden Collection, Vlaardingen, NL. (painting “Forbidden fruit”)

2018. Collection of Arch. Luca Curci, Director of ITSLIQUID GROUP, Bari, Italy (glass “Hope White roses” and 1 painting “Hope White roses”)

2018. Museum Franciscaner Monastery, Sibenik, Croatia (2 paintings “Asylum seeker”)

2017. Slavonski Brod Municipality (painting “A.R.Verschoorkade”)

2017. WAG NC B&H collection (2 paintings “Jesus receive some vinegar” and “Mother Mary”)

2017. WAG HQ collection  (glass piece “Horn”)

2017. Zervas Art Collection (Barcelona) (painting “Barcelona”)

2016. Zervas Art Collection (Paris) (2 painting “Paris” and “Paris”)

2016. Unesco Gunsan Association, South-Korea (painting)

2016. Groothoofd Collection, Dordrecht (painting “Dordrecht, Groothoofd”)

2016. WAG collection Montenegro (painting “Hope”)

2015. Zervas Art Collection (Moscov) (painting “Hope”)

2015. The Jehan, Delhi, India (painting “India House”)

2015. Narrative Movements, India (painting “India Man”)

2015. WAG Collection, Bratislava (painting “Beloved little fugitive boy”)

2015. Zervas Art Collection  (2 paintings “Tripas” and “Jeroen Dijselbloem and Yanis Varouvakis”)

2015. Performance at Aruba. With Samuel Dumfries, Bikkel and jembee musicians from Muchila Creativo. (painting to Fundation Muchila Creativo)

2015. CEDEHM Collection Aruba. (painting “Aruba performance May 2015”)

2014. Sahl Hasheesh Art Collection, Egypt (2 paintings “Woman at Egypt 1 and 2”)

2014. Performance at Estremoz, Portugal. With Bikkel, Samuel Dumfries, Jaffar Forster, Gustave Nouel, Marvin Duin, Shefqet Avdush Emini, Ash Quant. Paintings were bring into the Art Collection of Municipality and the Museum of Estremoz

2013. WAG Art Collection, Croatia (painting “PPU”)

2012. The Griffis Art Centre Collection. New London, Connecticut, U.S.A. (painting “The Green Garage”)

2012. WAG-Izmir - Goethe Institute Izmir, Turkey (2 paintings “Egyptian Cat 1 and 2”)

2012. WAG Art Collection, Croatia (painting “Croatian Woman”)

2010. WAG Art Gallery OKO, Osijek, Croatia (painting “Hope Vukovar”)