After my graduate at Universaty of Professional Education Rotterdam, I - Bikkel - love to co-operate with other artists to make stunning art in different art disciplines.

uit 2012 tot 2019 (klik op de afbeelding om het werk groter te bekijken)
stuur een bericht naar de kunstenaar

2019 Kunsthoofd Dordrecht


Groep professioneel werkende kunstenaars buiten schilderen op het Groothoofd te Dordrecht. Iedere zondag van 11.00 tot 18.00 uur in de maanden juli en augustus 2019.

BOOKCover design by Bikkel Artist


NEW: BOOKCover designed by Bikkel Artist. Book written by VESNA ŠPANIĆ (R.I.P.). I am happy to may have been helpfull to my dearest Croatian WAG friend!

2019 workshop


workshop schilderen gegeven door Bikkel Artist aan Voeks Schilderclub bij KADE40. De expositie heeft als thema: VL 92 Balder, de bekende Vlaardingse logger. De leden van Voeks Schilderclub komen wekelijks op dinsdagochtend bij elkaar op de zolder van KADE40 om te schilderen. Tijdens deze ochtenden heeft Bikkel Artist een workshop gegeven aan de schilderclub met als eindresultaat 14 kleurrijke schilderijen met één gezamelijk thema: De Balder.

Generaties schilderen voor vrede


participation in activity of foundation Zona Franca, PAX Embessady of peace Vlaardingen. in cooperation with Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaardingen (refugee work)

2018 Kunsthoofd Dordrecht


Groep professioneel werkende kunstenaars buiten schilderen op het Groothoofd te Dordrecht. Iedere zondag van 11.00 tot 18.00 uur in de maanden juli en augustus 2018.

2018 The Colorfield Performance CH


Land Art Project in Friesland door Dirk Hakze waaraan 1919 kunstenaars deelnemen.

World PCW


#NarrativeMovementsWorldPCW 'The World Post Contemporary Wave' by Narrative Movements On 15th April, 2018 Narrative Movements will organize Post Contemporary Wave, to celebrate WORLD ART DAY, which will be held simultaneously in 40 places all over the world curated by 44 artist curators with the participation of more than 200 artists nationally and internationally. Post Contemporary Wave is the first of its kind of Public Exhibition, held within a public space, meant totally for the cause of public.In this way we are not only making an attempt to create a healthy atmosphere through the spread of art but also we are trying to create art awareness within the upcoming generations. Bikkel Artist curated this exhibition at Maassluis, The Netherlands. April 14th-15th 2018.

WAG Art Project in Dubrovnik 2017


10 days art working with International WAG artists

Intern WAG Children Project 2016


WAG NL President Bikkel Artist initiated in 2015/2016 project:
WAG CHILDREN PROJECT 2016 in cooperation with
14 STATES and WAG HQ VISION: To connect children* (*include disabled children) all over the world in the field of modern arts, art and culture.

To create activities for children* by art projects, in a framework of tolerance and acceptance of diversity and differences, concerning art and people. VALUES:
Life, Person, Humanity, Arts, Education, Tolerance, (Sustainable) Development, Nature, Unity, Love and Freedom. PRINCIPLES:
The WAG Association stands open to all States and people who respect Human Rights, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, social status or political persuasion.

Project BAKKIE DOEN? 2015


Project of Bikkel Artist and Friedie Kloen at Group exhibition DouanehuisjeOct2015. Opened by DAVID VAN DER HOUWEN, Alderman Culture Maassluis. Saturday October 3th 2015. Idea: to invite passing boats to stop and have a small talk and nice cup of coffee at the exhibition Douanehuisje, Govert van Wijnkade 52, Maassluis.

Performance Aruba May 2015


Performance at Aruba. May 2015. With: Bikkel artist, painter. Samuel Dumfries, poet. Artists from Muchila Creativo, playing the jembee. Bikkel artist donate the 200x200cm painting to Fundation Muchila Creativo.

Performance Portugal 2014


Performance with Bikkel artist, painter. Samuel Dumfries, poet. Jaffar Forster, jembee. Gustave Nouel, painter. Marvin Duin, jembee. Shefqet Avdush Emini, painter. Ash Quant, jembee. Paintings were bring into the Art Collection of Municipality and the Museum of Estremoz.

Project Vukovar Croatia 2012


Bikkel initiate project 'HOPE & LOVE' at Vukovar, Croatia. May 2012 Bikkel starting brush painting Netherlands flowers at the Antun Bauer Schoolwall. Bikkel is helped by schoolchildren, artists of Vukovar, WAG and other projects. All together bringing hope and love at Vukovar. Bikkel brush paint the portrait of Antun Bauer and also four QR codes. 

Project Center Rotterdam 2012


Weena Zuid Got Ball's - Project BIKKEL and Tymon Ferenc de Laat.   2011 to 2012

OPERA 2012


OPERA MY COLOURFUL PAST Libretto & Producer: Bikkel Artist. With music of F. Poulenc under poems of P. Elouard World Première November 16th 2012, Stadsgehoorzaal Vlaardingen, NL The short Opera My Colourful Past is performed by Julia Kleute (soprano), Sofia Vasheruk (piano) and Bikkel (contemporary artist). The story
Opera My Colourful Past is a collage of music around themes of well known artists as Picasso, Chagall, Braque, Gris, Klee, Miro, Villon, De colorful artwork of the "old masters" are been sung while there is given a glimpse into the practice of the contemporary artist.
The song cycle'' Le Travail du Peintre'' of composer Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) forms the core of the opera. The additions to the program of contemporaries such as Debussy and others.